Welcome to SR Estates
Headquartered in the UK, and led by a highly seasoned Management Team, SR Estates is a fully integrated real estate platform covering the entire construction process value chain.
Building Lifestyle Experiences
We design, construct and market distinctive properties that offer enhanced quality of life, superior design, outstanding craftsmanship and incomparable value.
Montenegro; Primed for tourism
With over 300 kilometres of stunning Adriatic coastline and rugged mountainous landscapes, Montenegro has always been primed for tourism

About our company

With a Gross Development Value (GDV) of just over €106m, SR Estates is a leading British real estate developer focused on residential and touristic properties in Montenegro.

Focused on the undersupplied Montenegrin residential tourism market, we combine unique in-house local development expertise, capital market knowledge and wide experience in mid scale development schemes. The deeply fragmented real estate development market in Montenegro provides a unique market opportunity for SR Estates and all its stakeholders.

Our Projects

Projects with SR Estates extend beyond the expected; they promote a lifestyle in which all aspects, from architecture to interior design, all converge to the same result: to offer a unique way of life while at the same time providing buyers with a handsome investment.

Our Services

Focusing on standards of the highest quality, SR Estates mainly operates in the residential and tourism segments, with a vision enshrined in excellence where every detail counts.

Beautiful Montenegro

“The part of the Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro is the purest part of the Mediterranean” ~ Jacques Cousteau