About Us

SR Estates is an integrated consulting and real estate investment company headquartered in London, UK.

As a real estate owner, developer and manager, SR Estates focuses strategically on small to large-scale mixed-use developments and currently operates in the UK and Montenegro. Our experience in real estate and business development also spans to Belgium, Central Africa, Morocco, USA and India.

Internally aligned and expertly led, we craft cycle-tested strategies in an effort to create rewarding opportunities across the risk spectrum in real estate equity in both private and public markets. With sound expertise and an ethical working approach, we’ve established a long-term track record of performance that fuses leading-edge strategies with experienced operational insight.

Current Investment Strategy

The company’s goal has been unequivocal: to design and create properties that deserve their presence, each offering something unique and distinctive, for the benefit of society at large.

Since gaining independence from Serbia in 2006 and adopting the Euro as its formal currency, Montenegro has enjoyed a year on year growth in tourism and significant investment in the country’s infrastructure including energy, water and transport.

With a booming tourism market and huge potential for growth, Montenegro is an incredibly attractive investment market. As well as acquiring and consolidating investment in real estate projects across the coast and mountain region, our team of experts offer a professional consultancy service to aid foreign investors seeking to invest in Montenegro’s growing economy.

Our business model is simple. We develop distinctive properties that offer enhanced quality of life, superior design and incomparable value.